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6 Questions Every Executive Needs To Ask Themself

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Want to accelerate your leadership impact? Here are 6 questions every executive needs to ask themselves to find freedom and fulfillment in their work life.


How To Find Meaning in Your Work – Even When It Feels Hard

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For many of us, especially those in service-based businesses such as healthcare, consulting, fundraising and the like, we thrive on providing value for others, which is why you have to figure out how to find meaning in your work – even when it feels hard.

How Can Time Management Help You To Manage Stress at Work?

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Time management at work can help to reduce stress levels. Here are some benefits of time management, and some tips to help prioritize your most important tasks.

5 Journal Prompts To Start Your Year and the Science Behind Journaling

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Journaling has many scientific benefits, whether it is changing your disposition, or helping you recognize where to build strength, here are 5 journal prompts to help you as you start your year. 

What is the Enneagram?

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What is the enneagram and how can you use it in your work and life? We take a look into this personality typing system here.

Wholeness at Work Launch Event: In Review

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As we reflect on 2020, how can we use the lessons we learned about work and burnout to create a more whole 2021? Find out in our Wholeness At Work launch event in review.

What Is Positive Stress In the Workplace?

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Stress can often seem like a four-letter word, but some stress is good. This article talks about how you can keep a healthy balance of stress, which begs the question: what is positive stress in the workplace?

Politics in the Workplace: How to Navigate This Voting Season

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In Politics in the Workplace: How to Navigate This Voting Season, we help you navigate the voting season as a leader in your workplace.

Conscious Practice, Consistently

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Hi. Hey. Let’s breathe together, ok? One time now. And again. Inhale, exhale. Feel the oceanic rhythms wash over you. Can you find one, good, satisfying breath? Now, can you let it go, whatever weight it is that you are carrying? Let's talk about Conscious Practice, Consistently.

Let's Talk Commitment (and Rest)

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How ya holding up? How is your heart, body, spirit, mind?  Where might you need a little nourishment today? I write this note, Let's Talk Commitment (and Rest), as a reminder, brave ones, to stop for a moment. Pause. Breathe. Check in with that small voice within asking for some care.

Is there anything you’ve been carrying that you’d like to set down for a moment?

I invite you to set it down here and let me hold it for you for the next little while. I got you.