Overview – Wholeness at Work

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Burnout Explained

While not an actual medical diagnosis (yet), in 2019 the World Health Organization (WHO) officially recognized burnout as an “occupational phenomenon.” The burnout backlash of 2020 reveals an unprecedented increase in emotional stressors, especially among our most vulnerable populations. Even those who never felt close to burnout before are being pushed to the max, personally and professionally, on a scale we have never seen before.

Who is the Wholeness at Work Program For?

Working Mom

New Research Following the COVID Pandemic Shows

• 89% of respondents said their work life was getting worse.

• 62% of the people who were struggling to manage their workloads had experienced burnout “often” or “extremely often” in the previous three months.

•25% felt unable to maintain a strong connection with family, 39% with colleagues, and 50% with friends.

•Only 21% rated their well-being as “good,” and a mere 2% rated it as “excellent.”

*Source from HBR article Beyond Burnout

Resources to Help End Your Burnout

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