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Coaching Through Stories: Wholeness At Work

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This podcast delves into the professional life of an achiever and how the burnout cycle affects this type of leader, with suggestions on how to create a whole, balanced life.

Allowed Podcast: Burnout & The Enneagram Part 2

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Enjoy part two of my guest appearance on the podcast Allowed: Conscious Leadership and Personal Growth.  This episode is a must-listen if you’re interested in bringing your conscious leadership to the next level through the...

Allowed Podcast: Burnout & The Enneagram Part 1

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On this podcast episode: Allowed: Conscious Leadership and Personal Growth hosted by Dr. Caneel Joyce, we dig into various thought-provoking topics including burnout’s major symptoms, the importance of self-care for leaders, and how the wisdom...

Burnout: What I Have Learned So Far with Meg Leddy: "Unlocking burnout with the Enneagram"

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Erin Rocchio walks us through her passion for leading high-achieving individuals and teams to become whole at work.  She uses the Enneagram as a tool that gives her clients rich insight into themselves and why they burn...

University Hospital's Women's Leadership Symposium "A Hunger For Wholeness"

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Watch Erin Rocchio's presentation offered at University Hospital's Women's Leadership Symposium titled, "A Hunger For Wholeness" about burnout recovery especially for women at work.  Watch it here. Password: RDvfi1Gg

MPOD Thought Leader Series "From Burnout to Flourishing: Cultivating Wholeness at Work"

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Watch Erin's presentation to her alma mater, Case Western Reserve Weatherhead School of Management, during their MPOD Thought Leader Series about burnout.  Click on the link to watch.

Free Yourself From Burnout For Good: Wholeness At Work

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Explore Erin's interview with Go Solo. Click on the link to learn more.

The Baby Pro Podcast

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In this episode of The Baby Pro Podcast, Shelly Taft and I discuss the power of personal development to discover and appreciate the unique perspectives of all nine Enneagram personality types.⁠⁠In this episode, you will learn the following:⁠⁠●...

The Doctor Mom Podcast: Enneagrams for Moms with Erin Rocchio

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Dr. Elana interviews guest Erin Rocchio, a Partner at Evolution and the Founder of Wholeness at Work. 

Shout Out SoCal: Meet Erin Rocchio

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Explore her interview with Shout Out SoCal here.