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Career Planning: Discover Your Aptitude

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Career Planning: Discover Your Aptitude

I want to talk about the persistent challenges I have been witnessing in the workplace, especially about the lack of engagement. Millennials, in particular, are more likely to leave their current employers in pursuit of meaningful work that they are truly passionate about. 

“I am feeling lost and uninspired at work. I am considering leaving my current position because my values don’t line up with my organization’s. How do I find a career path that inspires me? Why isn’t it coming naturally to me like it does to others?”

Due to a lack of enthusiasm in their current workplace, Millennials have a reputation for job-hopping. Notably, 50% don’t plan on staying in their current role and are actively seeking new positions. 

Whether you are in school, feeling directionless, or working a job that lacks passion and fulfillment, we all come to a crossroads where we have to make a change. If you are unable to envision your future career path, starting with a self-assessment is a natural starting point. Identifying your values, goals, and interests will guide you in your career development.  

Easier said than done, I know. 

I am excited to introduce my new Career Planning Series with tips on how to better choose an occupation that aligns with your purpose and lends to a healthy quality of life. 

I also offer insight on how the Enneagram personality typing system can reveal the deepest parts of yourself and guide you toward achieving meaningful goals. 

Here are some resources to get you started.

CAREER PLANNING TIP #1 - Discover Your Aptitude

Career aptitude tests are designed to help you identify the best career path for you. They can provide insights into your personality traits, skills, interests, values, and more. 

I personally like to take a couple of different tests to compare notes and find common themes.

Here are a few tests that I recommend:


Gallup Clifton Strengths

If you want to dig deeper, my preference is the Enneagram personality system. If you aren’t yet familiar with the Enneagram, I highly recommend learning more about it. 

Learning your Enneagram type and how it directly impacts your career decisions is so helpful in finding a career that identifies your natural abilities, and above all else, aligns with our deeply held passions and interests. 

My own career path was forged with my immense interest and enthusiasm for the Enneagram. I recognized that armed with powerful insight about how you see and interact with the world (including how you experience burnout), leaders can be more effective, engage proactively with their teams, and create sustainable careers. 

The RHETI available from the Enneagram Institute, is the most popular Enneagram-based test and scientifically validated. It’s $12 well spent to learn your Enneagram type.

If you are interested in more information on Enneagram, please visit our website for more information and access to some awesome self-discovery tools at:


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