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Introduction to Erin Rocchio

Learn a little bit more about the author.

For more than fifteen years, Erin has worked with executives across industries to find the sweet spot between business results and personal meaning. She designs and delivers transformational leader, team, and organization development in line with business strategy. Released in 2020, Erin’s inaugural publication, Wholeness at Work: Free Yourself from Burnout for Good, addresses the science behind workplace burnout. She explores the symptoms, sources, and solutions across three levels: individual, relational, and systemic. Her Roadmap to Wholeness supports leaders in finding a lifelong path to sustainable wellbeing in their work.

Erin’s clients are curious, values-driven, emotionally intelligent leaders up to big things. She works with C-level executives at billion-dollar companies and founders of proven start-ups, helping them cultivate sustainable, high-performing leadership teams based on metrics that drive engagement and results. Erin brings a philosophical orientation to her work rooted in Appreciative Inquiry (strengths-based change), the Enneagram personality system, Integral theory, and neuroscience-based organizational and leadership wellbeing.

“Wholeness at Work helped me to get clear on what I value, how I conduct myself, and what it takes for me to be at my best. Most importantly, this coaching program helped me to challenge my limiting beliefs – the assumptions and stories..that made me feel limited in my choices, stuck and without options. I gained a feeling of control over my life that I hadn’t felt in many, many years. I felt like I was in the driver’s seat of my career and my life for the first time!”

- Deb Doroni
Certified Healthcare Leadership Coach

“The Burnout Recovery Circle series has revealed some of the sources of burnout in my personal and work life and after last year, this program has been a lifesaver! I especially value being part of a group of like-minded leaders; we have created amazing synergy as we have navigated some of the tough issues we face in our organizations. Erin’s expert guidance has brought the Wholeness at Work program to life and I especially appreciate the mind/body exercises she has introduced into my life, such as mediation and journaling.”

- Nathan Chappell

“Through my work with Erin, I’ve explored personal habits and patterns that were leading me down a path to burnout. By taking the Wholeness at Work journey, I’m discovering new ways of leaning into my personal habits to better lead my team with a new, healthy, and sustainable perspective. The culture in my organization is shifting since using the tools from Wholeness at Work. I highly recommend it for leaders who want to sustain change for themselves and the teams they lead!”

- Arianna Churchill

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