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Enneagram Community Office Hours

Join our community of Enneagram aficionados at our FREE Enneagram Community Office Hours offered bi-monthly. Specifically for the practitioner who already holds a foundational understanding of the Enneagram system, this hour-long open event will provide a forum for asking your advanced questions about ways to implement the
Enneagram system in your work/life, as well as deeper exploration about its concepts.

Registration is completely free and held on the second Thursday of the month. Maximum capacity is 15 attendees.

Please note: We have a minimum of a 5-participant requirement for this event. If we don’t meet the minimum, we will reconvene the following month.

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Enneagram Circles

Join Erin and up to 7 other individuals and leaders in an overview of the Enneagram personality typing system, along with your Enneagram type results.

You will participate in a 90-minute, virtual group coaching session where you will learn the basics of the Enneagram system and the nine personality types. You will also gain deeper insights into your own personality type results and how your core needs, fears, and behavior patterns show up and impact your work/life. As a part of your purchase, we will send you a unique code to complete The RHETI survey from the Enneagram Institute. Enneagram Circles are held monthly.

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