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Guided Wholeness Circles

As a member of this Guided Wholeness Circle, facilitated by Erin Rocchio and Solunis Nicole Bay, you will join an intimate cohort of leaders on a learning path of discovery as you unravel the individual causes of burnout and explore solutions. Using the evidence-based practices of Wholeness at Work, this 6-part facilitated process promises depth, intimacy, and real transformation in how you relate to your work. Space is limited with only 8 seats available for the cohort. 

Your purchase includes the Wholeness at Work self-guided coaching workbook. Although you will read and complete the exercises on your own, the Wholeness Circle is intended to provide a space for exploration and to enhance learning.

This cohort will meet every 2 weeks, starting Fall 2022 for a 75-minute guided exploration of specific, curated topics.  Preferably, participants will join all 6 sessions. If you have to miss more than 2, we recommend you participate at another time.

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Enneagram Circles

Join Erin and up to 7 other individuals and leaders in an overview of the Enneagram personality typing system, along with your Enneagram type results.

You will participate in a 90-minute, virtual group coaching session where you will learn the basics of the Enneagram system and the nine personality types. You will also gain deeper insights into your own personality type results and how your core needs, fears, and behavior patterns show up and impact your work/life. As a part of your purchase, we will send you a unique code to complete The RHETI survey from the Enneagram Institute. Enneagram Circles are held monthly.

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