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Natural Wholeness

Join us for a restorative and expansive two-day leadership retreat at the beautiful “Healing Equine Ranch” of Agoura Hills.  Enjoy a series of hands-on equine activities designed to deepen your understanding of yourself and your Enneagram type in collaboration. Guided by skilled equine facilitators, you'll participate in exercises that explore trust-building, boundary-setting, effective communication, and leadership—key areas for growth and self-awareness.

This workshop welcomes individuals at all stages of their personal development journey. Whether you're seeking clarity, healing, or a deeper understanding of yourself and your relationships, this immersive experience offers a unique and powerful path to self-discovery.

When: April 5-6, 2024
Cost to participate: $2,995

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Enneagram Community Office Hours

Join our community of Enneagram aficionados at our FREE Enneagram Community Office Hours offered bi-monthly. Specifically for the practitioner who already holds a foundational understanding of the Enneagram system, this hour-long open event will provide a forum for asking your advanced questions about ways to implement the
Enneagram system in your work/life, as well as deeper exploration about its concepts.

Registration is completely free and held on the second Thursday of the month. Maximum capacity is 15 attendees.

Please note: We have a minimum of a 5-participant requirement for this event. If we don’t meet the minimum, we will reconvene the following month.

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