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Self-Trust and Doing the Work

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In my executive coaching practice, you might imagine that one of the questions I get asked often is about how to become more self-confident. How to combat imposter syndrome. How to overcome doubt, fear, even...

Relationships at Work

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I’m constantly fascinated by and learning more about what makes healthy, mature, and sustainable relationships work - at work. Three things continue to show up as critical priorities in this domain for me and my clients, as they provide continued growth in leadership: 

How Are You Practicing Peace?

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For those of us who wrestle with the paradox of living with both gratitude and grief. Those who feel more tender and vulnerable than we’d care to admit.To all of us, I offer these aspirations

Take Courage for When You are in it

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How To Use The Enneagram At Work

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Understanding team dynamics in the workplace is complicated, that's why we are diving into how to use the enneagram at work here.

Emotional Intelligence and the Enneagram: How One Benefits From The Other

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EQ or Emotional Intelligence is one of the single most impactful skills to ensure career success. Here is how you can improve it with the enneagram.

How To Improve Emotional Intelligence

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You can improve your emotional intelligence by tapping into your unique personality and needs. Here is how.

What Is Emotional Intelligence?

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Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the single most important factor to predict career success. Here is our look into why that's important.