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Work & Stress: How Do They Correlate?

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If you feel stressed at work, you are not alone. This article, Work & Stress: How Do They Correlate? looks into the correlation of work and stress, how stress persists in our individual lives, teams, and work systems, and gives you actionable ways to reduce it.

What Is Workplace Burnout?

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What is workplace burnout? We dive into the science behind burnout the different kinds you may be experiencing individually, as a team, and as a workplace as a whole.

6 Questions Every Executive Needs To Ask Themself

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Have you ever felt that gnawing in your gut begging for more from your work, or heard a voice inside gently (or loudly) nudging you to explore what you’re really capable of?

You may be 35 and wondering how to powerfully shape your career or 65 and eager to leave a legacy in the final leg of your leadership journey.

When you hear the calling to explore, the instinct to move beyond “what is” into “what might be,” you’re at a ripe time for reflecting on how to accelerate your leadership impact meaningfully and mindfully.

How Can Time Management Help You To Manage Stress at Work?

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Time management at work can help to reduce stress levels. Here are some benefits of time management, and some tips to help prioritize your most important tasks.

5 Journal Prompts To Start Your Year and the Science Behind Journaling

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Journaling has many scientific benefits, whether it is changing your disposition, or helping you recognize where to build strength, here are 5 journal prompts to help you as you start your year. 

Politics in the Workplace: How to Navigate This Voting Season

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In Politics in the Workplace: How to Navigate This Voting Season, we address elections. Going into an election year can be difficult for leaders and teams with varying opinions and strong personal belief-systems. But, there are ways to navigate the voting season successfully with your team. Many leaders do not know how to talk politics at work in a respectful and safe way, but it can be done. Here are some tips for how to navigate your workspace this voting season and beyond.

Staying Sane in an Insane World (Of Work)

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I wish I could tell you I have solved the mental health "thing." I haven’t. I was afraid that if I didn’t have it all figured out prior to talking about it, I would be judged as unqualified to be here, in this conversational space with you. So let's talk about Staying Sane in an Insane World (Of Work).

It’s Never Been about “Leadership.” It’s about Evolution.

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It’s Never Been about “Leadership.” It’s about Evolution, about the ability to change in order to make you outstanding at everything you do.

Thriving in Community: How Intentional Relationships Show How & Why You Matter

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As we reflect on this year, I want to leave you with one idea I think is worth sharing. This idea helps us answer the age-old questions: what makes us who we are and what tells us our lives have value? In this blog we explore Thriving in Community: How Intentional Relationships Show How & Why You Matter.

Are You Investing In Your Home Team?

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In our house, we’ve experienced a handful of emotional meltdowns, all of which were messy in the moment, but also so important. In this article, Erin asks, "Are You Investing In Your Home Team?" to explore the importance of family in our lives!