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Conscious Practice, Consistently

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Conscious Practice, Consistently

Hi. Hey. Let’s breathe together, ok? One time now. And again. Inhale, exhale. Feel the oceanic rhythms wash over you. Can you find one, good, satisfying breath? 

Now, can you let it go, whatever weight it is that you are carrying? 

Whether from the wildfires out West or systemic oppression at large, clean breathing feels so hard to come by these days. (And no, the symbolism of “I can’t breathe” is not lost on me.) 

With the world as heavy, chaotic, and uncertain as it is, I’m finding a constant need to catch my breath. To feel it move through me. To let it cleanse the enormity of things from my limbs. 

My heart is too full. My spirit too overwhelmed. Only my body and breath have any space at all to move this energy. 

To feel free. To create. To serve. 

So, I practice. Every morning and throughout the day, I sit down on my mat. Stretch, move, and feel my body again. Breathe. On days with good space, I journal. Every day, I pray. 

In speaking with colleagues and clients alike, the one thing that’s saving us now seems to be this: consistent practice. 

A consistent practice that is there for you when you need grounding or care. A way to clear your mind, strengthen your physical vessel, connect to your deepest Spirit, and attune to the longings in your heart. 

(What are the longings in your heart, my friend?

Some days, three minutes is all I can seem to find. Others, a nice, slow sixty are there waiting for me. Whatever it is, don’t let time be the factor. It’s about consistency more than anything, showing up for yourself because you need it. And we need you to be whole. 

For some beautiful insight into this idea, enjoy these videos (part A & part B) from Integral Coaching Canada Founder, Laura Divine, on “The Art of Sustaining a Practice.” 

Here are some of my favorite practices, if you’re on the hunt for something new and renewing:

  1. Always-on Yoga Classes at Glo
  2. Morning Pages from The Artist’s Way

Wherever you are, however you find yourself, please take a moment today to take one, good breath. Feel your heart. Name your fears and hurt. Breathe space around them and release what you need to. Retain the wisdom. Build trust in yourself. 

Now more than ever, I ask you to free yourself from what keeps you bound. The world needs your leadership, whole and grounded and loving, to show us the way. 

I would love to hear what your favorite, consistent practice looks like these days. Please join me on Instagram where I will be discussing wellness and providing tips on how to stay grounded at work or send me a note letting me know what's filling your cup, however slightly.

To Your Thriving,


Reposted from the September 2020 Newsletter

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