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Go Softly, Brave One

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Go Softly, Brave One

Emotional attunement is the ability to recognize, understand, and engage with someone else’s emotional state. It means we pay attention. We notice. We check in. Turning down the volume on our inner critic, mental noise, or judgment of others means we can create the space to actually be with them.

We can’t appreciate, understand, partner well with, or even fully respect people we can’t see as they are. So, knowing how vital human connection is for all of us, how might you practice emotional attunement with someone important in your life today? What do you have to let go of to connect with them, as they are, versus your projection of who they are or “should” be?

May you and those you hold dear continue to feel nourished by each other, at work and in all ways. In this season of affection, I hope you reconnect to yourself first. Hold a space for yourself full of tenderness and compassion. And then, shower those in your life with your very best gift: your full attention.

Reposted from April 2021

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