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Self-Trust and Doing the Work

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In my executive coaching practice, you might imagine that one of the questions I get asked often is about how to become more self-confident. How to combat imposter syndrome. How to overcome doubt, fear, even...

Your Most Important Stakeholder

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Happy 2024! January has been a heck of a start already, has it not? My goodness. As we kick off this next year, I’m so happy to reconnect with you in this way. It’s no...

From Languishing to Belonging

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Fall is here, many are navigating back-to-school complexities, and nearly all of us are facing a perpetual state of uncertainty, anxiety, and fatigue. Not quite pain, not quite excitement, we’re hovering somewhere in the middle,...

Making it Sticky: Pace, Priorities, and Practice

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Here we are… the light appeared and now it’s waning again. COVID isn’t going away, hybrid work is here to stay, and leaders are being challenged to let go. To flex and adapt, to envision...

Go Softly, Brave One

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Emotional attunement is the ability to recognize, understand, and engage with someone else’s emotional state. It means we pay attention. We notice. We check in. Turning down the volume on our inner critic, mental noise,...

Conscious Practice, Consistently

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Hi. Hey. Let’s breathe together, ok? One time now. And again. Inhale, exhale. Feel the oceanic rhythms wash over you. Can you find one, good, satisfying breath?  Now, can you let it go, whatever weight...

Thriving in Community: How Intentional Relationships Show How & Why You Matter

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Reposted from December 2018 As we reflect on this rollercoaster of a year, I want to leave you with one idea I think is worth sharing. This idea helps us answer the age-old questions: what...

We’re Being Transformed - We’re Transforming

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Reshared from May 2020 Newsletter Anyone else feel like they’re in the constant swirl of a blender? Some cycles of change slow, manageable, almost fun? Other cycles an absolute blur, disorienting and chaotic? As I’ve...

Relationships at Work

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I’m constantly fascinated by and learning more about what makes healthy, mature, and sustainable relationships work - at work. Three things continue to show up as critical priorities in this domain for me and my clients, as they provide continued growth in leadership: 

Let's Talk Commitment (and Rest)

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How ya holding up? How is your heart, body, spirit, mind?  Where might you need a little nourishment today?  I write this note as a reminder, brave ones, to stop for a moment. Pause. Breathe. Check...