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How To Support An Enneagram Three At Work

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Chances are, the ambitions of an Enneagram Three in your workplace shine bright. Here is how you can support them and ensure they don't burn out.

How To Support An Enneagram Two At Work

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Enneagram Twos make up 11% of the population, so chances are you interact with a two at work. Here is how to support them.

How To Support An Enneagram One At Work

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Supporting each personality type at work is essential for effective leaders. Here is how to support the Enneagram One at work, to help them thrive in their career.

Enneagram Affirmations For Each Type

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Here we uncover enneagram affirmations for each enneagram type and how you can use them personally and for your work team. Read more here.

How To Use The Enneagram At Work

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Understanding team dynamics in the workplace is complicated, that's why we are diving into how to use the enneagram at work here.

Emotional Intelligence and the Enneagram: How One Benefits From The Other

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EQ or Emotional Intelligence is one of the single most impactful skills to ensure career success. Here is how you can improve it with the enneagram.

How To Improve Emotional Intelligence

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You can improve your emotional intelligence by tapping into your unique personality and needs. Here is how.

What Is Emotional Intelligence?

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Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the single most important factor to predict career success. Here is our look into why that's important.

Here Are Our Favorite Wellbeing Tips For The Workplace

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Do you need to feel better at work today? Here are our favorite wellbeing tips for the workplace.

Can You Measure Happiness At Work?

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Can you truly measure happiness at work? Here is some insight into workplace happiness and what it actually means.