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What Are the Symptoms of Burnout?

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Do you think you might be headed towards burnout at work? Today we want to talk about what are the symptoms of burnout and how you can find your path to wholeness.

The Importance of One+ Communities

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When it comes to my coaching, each experience is unique and together we cover all sorts of different themes and topics. However, there is one particular conversation I have with almost all business leaders and it evolves around one specific question that proves the Importance of One+ Communities.

Workplace Burnout: How To Spot It For Your Enneagram Type

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You know what workplace burnout is, but do you know how to spot it? Here are our best tips for spotting workplace burnout in your enneagram type.

Work & Stress: How Do They Correlate?

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If you feel stressed at work, you are not alone. This article, Work & Stress: How Do They Correlate? looks into the correlation of work and stress, how stress persists in our individual lives, teams, and work systems, and gives you actionable ways to reduce it.

What Is Workplace Burnout?

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What is workplace burnout? We dive into the science behind burnout the different kinds you may be experiencing individually, as a team, and as a workplace as a whole.

Who Is Wholeness at Work For?

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Who is Wholeness At Work For? Find out as we break down the Enneagram types and personalities that we think could use this self-guided coaching program.

The Healthiest Way Each Enneagram Type Can Respond to Stress

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Stress gets a bad rap these days. However, recent studies have shown that it can actually be a helpful source of performance motivation (if we believe it is). Every business leader, entrepreneur, and all-around badass I know feels some element of stress every single day. Heres's the Healthiest Way Each Enneagram Type Can Respond to Stress.

How to Uncover What’s Really Causing Your Burnout

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We need to address the elephant in the room. Sometimes, some company cultures and bosses are just BAD. They don’t care about your wellbeing, your happiness, or even your long-term commitment… they want the work done and they wanted it yesterday. All of it. No whining. The End. Here's how to uncover what's really causing your burnout. 

6 Questions Every Executive Needs To Ask Themself

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Have you ever felt that gnawing in your gut begging for more from your work, or heard a voice inside gently (or loudly) nudging you to explore what you’re really capable of?

You may be 35 and wondering how to powerfully shape your career or 65 and eager to leave a legacy in the final leg of your leadership journey.

When you hear the calling to explore, the instinct to move beyond “what is” into “what might be,” you’re at a ripe time for reflecting on how to accelerate your leadership impact meaningfully and mindfully.

How To Find Meaning in Your Work – Even When It Feels Hard

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For many of us, especially those in service-based businesses such as healthcare, consulting, fundraising and the like, we thrive on providing value for others, which is why you have to figure out how to find meaning in your work – even when it feels hard.