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Two Questions to Ask Yourself When Things Don’t Feel Ok at Work

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Two Questions to Ask Yourself When Things Don’t Feel Ok at Work

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I’m supposed to feel refreshed, energetic, and excited… but I don’t. What’s wrong with me?”

(Hint: NOTHING, darling. Nothing.)

In our work lives, this tension tends to show up a few ways:

  • Stressed, curt or otherwise regrettable communication with colleagues
  • Low motivation (followed by intense self-criticism)
  • Active disengagement
  • Chronic burnout

Maybe you are working your tush off for someone else’s goals and vision, with little connection to things you find valuable, rewarding, or inspiring? Or perhaps you are exhausted or feeling down, even when you get enough sleep and exercise?

Whether you’re inside a large corporation or an entrepreneur, here are the two questions I believe we should all be asking ourselves at any transition point:

What am I doing today to connect more deeply with myself?

How do my choices reflect my values, dreams, talents, and passions for growth?

In my life as a working parent of two, I try to find micro-moments of self-connection and care. This can be a simple deep breath, checking in with myself between tasks and calls, or asking what I need most at this moment. It’s often a break, some fresh water, and a short walk outside to clear my head and move my body. Sometimes, I write a little note to myself with a single word, helping ground me in my priority, intention or values I want to focus on that day.

Your boss, if you have one, and your company play essential roles in your engagement and happiness at work. But so do you… and since you can only control yourself, let’s start there.

To your thriving,

PS. If you’re wondering whether you’re experiencing legitimate burnout and are committed to doing something about it, let’s talk about including the Maslach’s Burnout Inventory as part of your coaching package. Knowing where you are (and how bad it is) is a vital first step to getting on a healthier work and life path.

PPS. If you’re in need of more dedicated mental health support at any time, please reach out for help immediately. Here are some great resources:

  • National Alliance on Mental Health Crisis Line, 1-800-950-NAMI
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 1-800-273-TALK
  • Mental Health Screening Tools

For San Diego locals, I highly recommend my dear friend Cory Stege, M.S., LMFT, CA#49037 at Crown Town Counseling

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