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6 Questions Every Executive Needs To Ask Themself

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Have you ever felt that gnawing feeling in your gut begging for more from your work, or heard a voice inside gently (or loudly) nudging you to explore what you’re really capable of?

You may be 35 and wondering how to powerfully shape your career or 65 and eager to leave a legacy in the final leg of your leadership journey.

When you hear the calling to explore, the instinct to move beyond “what is” into “what might be,” you’re at a ripe time for reflecting on how to accelerate your leadership impact meaningfully and mindfully.

The executives I coach are at all stages and ages, and ALL of them must answer these questions to achieve real, deep growth:

  • Who am I at my best, most aware and awake self? Who am I when I’m unconscious, under stress, and in survival mode?
  • Who do I really want to be, as a human being and as a leader? How is this different from who I think others want me to be, or who the critic inside my head tells me I “should” be?
  • What do I value most? How do these values translate into genuine ways of behaving, speaking, and engaging with others?
  • What are my big learning opportunities now? What gaps will make the biggest difference for me and those I lead when I build those capabilities?
  • What structures (plans, teams, practices, partners, and tools) will best support me in achieving my vision and purpose?
  • How will I know when I’m there? What metrics matter most and will let me know I’m on track?

As my former, esteemed professor of Appreciative Inquiry, David Cooperrider, eloquently shared:

We live in the world our questions create.

So, dear friends, may your questions be powerful ones and may your inquiry lead you to new levels of freedom and fulfillment in your work/life.

To your thriving,

PS. My mission has so clearly and powerfully emerged as ending suffering at work. If you or someone you care about would benefit from executive coaching support (me or otherwise), please message me. I’ve got a strong community of resources and you don’t have to go it alone.

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