Who Is Wholeness at Work For?

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Who Is Wholeness at Work For?

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Who Is Wholeness at Work For?

Erin Rocchio, MPOD, created Wholeness at Work with a distinct goal in mind: to help leaders learn the science behind burnout symptoms, gain a comprehensive understanding of its sources, and discover personalized solutions to the chronic power stress of burnout. It is essential to understand burnout as a whole to avoid it. But, who is Wholeness At Work for? We dive into that today.

What Is Wholeness at Work?

Burnout is officially recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as an “occupational phenomenon” since 2019. This year (2020) has brought on an enclave of burnout that couldn’t have been predicted and has taken its toll on individuals and entire organizations in a huge way. While it has not been formally evaluated, we have seen some of the repercussions of individuals and businesses being pushed to their absolute limits as we never have before.

Wholeness at Work will dive into the science behind burnout. It will extensively cover the symptoms, sources, and solutions for an in-depth understanding of this phenomenon. This coaching program is designed for individuals or teams to help identify where burnout persists and how to work through it.

The Recovering MBA: Enneagram 1

The Enneagram One is purposeful—always looking to improve themselves and the things around them. But, the constant quest for improvement can be exhausting. Continually trying to find approval from others and proving your goodness through sheer determination will only get you so far. In Wholeness At Work, you will find resources to help you identify the sources of burnout in yourself, your team, and the systems you have in place to ensure that you not only avoid burnout as an individual but can help alleviate those symptoms in your team.

The Conscious CEO: Enneagram 3

Being results-driven and successful is most often the main objective for the Enneagram Three. These are the true “people” people who want to make a social impact and connection with others, and be productive at the same time. But, this personality is susceptible to working, working, working, and never stopping. Wholeness At Work will help you evaluate when it is time to work and when it is time to step back and focus inward. You can’t sustain high performance if you are continually grinding day and night. How can you strike that beautiful place of balance where, as a whole person, you are being fulfilled and renewed on all levels?

The Millennial Manager: Enneagram 7

The Enneagram 7 seeks possibility and freedom, which are beautiful qualities. But, the enthusiasm for what’s possible, without grounded focus, can cause Type Sevens to spin out fairly quickly. So, how can you take all of these positive qualities of possibility seeking, vision, and self-realization and use them to avoid burnout? We can help guide you in Wholeness At Work.

The Type-A Working Mom: Enneagram 8

Do you have so much on your plate that you feel exhausted all the time? The Enneagram 8 is a type-A personality—they want control of their life and everything in it. But, some things we simply don’t have control of (See: 2020). That is what can send this type into a spiral, always aiming to achieve and execute flawlessly, even when the challenges thrown their way are too much for one person. We will help you step back and prioritize you in Wholeness At Work.

In reality, this self-guided coaching program is for anyone who is experiencing burnout at work or in their leadership roles wherever they come. It will help you identify systems and patterns that are feeding into – and maintaining – the cycle of burnout in your life. By identifying these and digging into all the root causes of your burnout pain, you can dismantle and reconstruct a way of leading and living that is more sustainable for you, your team, and your world. We are here for you at every step.

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