Enneagram X Burnout Card Deck: 108 Unique Mindful Practices for Sustai – Wholeness at Work

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Enneagram X Burnout Card Deck: 108 Unique Mindful Practices for Sustained Well-being in Mind, Body, Heart, and Spirit


The Enneagram X Burnout Card Deck includes:

  • 108 unique mindful practices for sustained well-being across mind, body, heart and spirit
  • Insight about what burnout looks like - and how to solve it - for each of the nine Enneagram personality types
  • Preview of the symptoms, sources, solutions of burnout using the I-We-It model and the “Burnout to Wholeness Spectrum”
  • Cards printed with a luxurious and durable finish for longevity
  • Large 4x6 size makes cards easy to read, share and display

This beautifully crafted card deck offers 12 unique, deep self-renewal practices for each of nine Enneagram types, cultivating in a total of 108 mindful practices for sustainable well-being. For anyone suffering even the slightest pangs of workplace stress, find yourself a cozy seat and jump in. This card deck is an offering for you - practical, quick, and effective practices to help move you from burnout to wholeness in your work/life. This deck is meant to be well used, so select a new practice each day or marinate in the same practice for a month. Trust your way through.

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